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02 March 2017 @ 10:58 pm
Throwback Thursday: Egypt  
Throwback Thursday

I have my 10th anniversary of action figure pictures taking this year. Those who were there may remember the very first time ever that we played and I asked you to please bring many Egypt things. And then I only could sit back and watch in amazement how many hands built this scene. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the very first ever Stargate picture we took in May 2007. We and I have come a long way since! But I couldn't have done it without you and your enthusiasm. Oh the fun we had together!

 photo Egypt2a.jpg

 photo Egypt3a.jpg

 photo Egypt4a.jpg
Niviene: SG-Atlantisniviene on March 2nd, 2017 10:08 pm (UTC)
This is amazing! I want everything in this picture lol. If I'd actually known you back then I could have brought you tons of Egyptian stuff!

Antjedieastra on March 4th, 2017 08:15 am (UTC)
Yes, I was very suprised when everyone put their goodies onto the table! I hadn't expected so much. It was really lovely!

Oh that would be fun if we two could play together! We could have met at the Vancouver con if we had known each other then already. I took some figures to the pub in the evening and everyone had fun playing. Jack and Daniel had their fishing rods in a beer glass LOL
Her Hamsternesshamsterwoman on March 2nd, 2017 10:49 pm (UTC)
If I'm getting the right sense of scale, we have the same sarcophagus as what you have lying down (was there a little plastic mummy inside)?
Antjedieastra on March 4th, 2017 08:09 am (UTC)
I think there was a mummy inside the sarcophagus but I can't check as it is one of the things my friends brought. Mine is the sitting statue and the standing up sarcophagus is from my brother. It also has a mummy inside.

To help with scale, the Stargate figures are 6,6" high.

What's your excuse for buying it? ;) I can't say that I did have a particular interest for Egypt before I started to watch the show, but I sure now can rattle off lots of gods names as they were all bad guys. Apophis, Anubis, Osiris, Hathor, Ba'al, Kronos, Nirrti, Sokar... The good guys came from the Northern mythology. Thor, Heimdall etc.
Her Hamsternesshamsterwoman on March 4th, 2017 08:44 am (UTC)
It's a little hard to tell with this angle, but if the figures are 6.6", our mummy is probably a little smaller than your friends'.

Our reason for buying it was that we had just been to the British Museum and the mummies were among our favorite exhibits (our real favorite were the lamassu, but we couldn't find any of those). The mummy doesn't come from the British Museum itself -- their gift shop had only things that were either totally boring or very expensive, but there's a touristy shop on the corner/across the street, and it's full of mummies and other swag catering to the British Museum crowd, quite clearly. O got the mummy/sarcophagus, L got a little Bastet statue (she's big on cats), and I got two little dragons hatching from eggs -- you can see them here (the smaller pair, on the first dragon picture).
Antjedieastra on March 12th, 2017 04:49 pm (UTC)
I remember studying that entry in all its details ;)

Hah, I know exactly which tourist shop you mean! I have been in there myself and it was indeed awesome. Lots of things I haven't seen in any other shops. I still regret not getting that little case with four little beer bottles with real English beer. I never saw them anywhere since.

Next time I am in London, I'll have to go back to that shop. I'll also have to go back to the British museum. We only managed the Egypt and Greek things on ground floor, plus the special exhibition with some American Indian / Inka stuff they had at the time, and a bit of Chinese vases on first floor and then decided that our legs were hurting. I didn't make it till the coin collection upstairs, I hear they even have GDR coins!

We were in a doll and toy museum in London also with toys and dolls from all over the world and surely enough I found some from my childhood as well. That was pretty awesome.
Her Hamsternesshamsterwoman on March 12th, 2017 08:56 pm (UTC)
Oh how funny that you know the exact store! :D (We also ended up buying a lot of things there, and so much of the stuff I never saw anywhere else, too.)

We also only properly saw way less of the British museum than we would've likd. We did the Egypt and Greek things, and spent the most time in the Assyrian wing, and besides that I don't even remember - we did go upstairs for some things, but we also passed by entire floors unvisited - it's just such an enormous place, and the kids were still a little young at the time (O was 7, L was 9) to enjoy a full day of museum-ing.

The toy museum also sounds pretty cool!
tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.: stargate atlantis // samhiddleasaurus on March 3rd, 2017 01:32 am (UTC)
Antjedieastra on March 4th, 2017 07:58 am (UTC)
Thank you! And so it all began... LOL
maxauburn: STARGATEmaxauburn on March 3rd, 2017 02:50 am (UTC)
Stargate SG-1! Very cool!
Antjedieastra on March 4th, 2017 07:57 am (UTC)
Stargate was my first fandom and this is how it all started 10 years ago with me and the action figures. I have fond memories of it. You probably saw my list of Stargate stories already but just in case here is the link again: http://dieastra.livejournal.com/24280.html

嵐の狼arashinoookami on March 3rd, 2017 08:36 am (UTC)
I love the treasure chest!
Antjedieastra on March 4th, 2017 07:55 am (UTC)
Guess what the chest once was? There was ice-cream inside! I always meant to paint it brown, as the blue is a bit odd ;) We then just put all kind of golden and silver things into it.
owensheartowensheart on March 5th, 2017 04:41 pm (UTC)
Lovely pics
Antjedieastra on March 8th, 2017 09:37 pm (UTC)
sharp2799: Jack/Sam going homesharp2799 on March 10th, 2017 11:54 pm (UTC)
Everything is amazing but I especially love the pottery and how it's set up. Where did you get them?
Antjedieastra on March 11th, 2017 11:14 pm (UTC)
Oh, they are decades old. The green one was a gift in my youth in East Germany. I may have purchased the others myself, but don't remember where or when, but it's been a long time ago. The one with the lid looks like from one of those market stalls, that sell Indian things?