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MTM report - first Q&A with Richard Dean Anderson - Vancouver, Friday, August 6th 2010

Previously - Part 6: Q&A Dan Shea (stuntman/stunt coordinator)

Part 7: first Q&A with Richard Dean Anderson - Friday morning

He announced proudly that he is – thanks to daughter Wylie – on Twitter now. And throughout the weekend he wrote many messages, sometimes at three in the morning, that he could not sleep, or so important stuff like that he just came out of the shower. On Burrard street I saw this sign on a bus stop – I always got reminded of Rick by it somehow! „I can twitter“ LOL

He was so excited that he could write something and we all then could read it.

He prefers funny, light roles and always found it difficult to cry convincingly on camera. But apparently someone had once given the advice (which might be more for stage actors) that if you rip out a nose hair shortly before the scene, it brings tears to your eyes. I got the impression that Rick hasn’t tried it out for himself, though ;)

The next question was really odd – which Samantha Carter was the better kisser, ours or the one from the alternate reality? He did not know what to say to that.

Someone wanted to know if there were any things he didn’t get to do in „Stargate“, but I don’t remember the answer to that. Anyone?

The „Eau de Leo“ guitar part in „MacGyver“ apparently became a nightmare afterwards. "They needed something to play and I improvised some melodies, I m sure I stole it from somebody, there's no beginning or end to it, its kind of something you hear in elevators of something."

Rick had just improvised it but hadn’t known that afterwards it became a piece of the music industry and they had to give it a name and put it on an official fee list (sorry, I know what he meant when he was talking about it, but I lack of the right words, maybe someone with English as his first language can rephrase the sentence for me?)

Anyway, nowadays sometimes he gets out one of his guitars (apparently he has quite a collection) and tunes them and does a few notes, but he is „drawing blood after a minute“ because he has no callouses left on his fingers.

Three pictures by Penjab who kindly allowed me to use them:

The next question was phrased in a funny way: „Why was ‚Continuum’ not on the big screen, I miss those scenes on the big screen, especially yours.“ Rick started his answer with saying that he never had been on the big screen ever and how could she miss him then there? LOL

A guy with apparently French accent wanted to know whether Rick still gets recognized as MacGyver. It sounded lovely hearing the word „MacGyver“ with that French accent.

"The best example that I know is being in a group of people where one or two of them hadn't heard of me, and like: who is this grizzled old fart, who all the girls are saying nice things about?
And all I have to say to them is: neener neener neener..."

Rick then told a story how he was in Chile at the Futaleufu River and they stopped in a little village to get something to eat and drink, where he thought they would not have TV or anything, but some little kids recognized „MacGyver“ right away.

"I never knew this about myself until recently, coming here to this event has been an absolute joy so far, and I also found out that I talk a lot and no body stops me."

There was a question whether the stuff in the episode “Window of Opportunity“ was adlibbed. His answer: “Those of you who know me know that I don't do that....” (Yeah, right!) At first he did not even remember which episode we were talking about, till somebody from the audience helped with “the Groundhog day episode”.

The next question was great: If he had any tips for raising kids. His one advice was, to stay close to them all the time. So, when talking about important stuff, make eye contact. And then usually Wylie says to him: “Stop staring!” LOL

Here is how the conversation went:

Rick: “SURE. What do you want to know?”
Voice in the audience: “Anything in general.”
Rick: “Always change her when she's wet. Sometimes when she's not. Well, common sense, first of all...
Are you serious? Later on, my girl just turned twelve, so now she's entering a different world but so far she and I are very well connected and we're staying close because we are both aware of the changes that are taking place. One of the really great things of my relationship with her is that, because you know, being a single dad we are alone, at least we spend a lot of time with taking movies and editing amazing stuff, so... and she lets me a little bit in the dust and taking i movie and stuff and Woof, I'm still trying to put film in the camera...

But my advice when she gets that old is: stay close. Stay really really tight and force communication. Don't take no for an answer. Make sure there is eye contact. I remember establishing this rule that we have, we talking with each other about... important stuff... Always make some eye contact. 'Cause you will find it virtually impossible when you're talking to someone to stay connected with your eyes etc, but it creates a whole different dynamics especially with your kid, with my kid anyway, that you're looking at those beady little eyes... You can get in real deep and stay connected. At least it's working for me.”

Another question where he didn’t know what to make out of it was what Sam meant when she said to Agent Barrett, that she was not single. I guess the girl was a shipper, wanting a confirmation whether Sam and Jack finally were together, but you never get one of those from Rick.

I didn’t write down what his childhood heroes were, as those names don’t mean anything to me anyway. If you want to read more about this Q&A, things I did not catch, then go here to Kate Ritter’s page:
Suffice to say that there are also many wonderful pictures.

And then somebody wanted to know, whether Rick was more like MacGyver, Jack O’Neill or Ernest Pratt. So we talked about “Legend”. Rick still thinks it is/was a great show and he told us a bit more about the reasons why it was cancelled. One of them – seriously – was: “It’s too dusty.” His reply to that was: “It’s a Western, come on!” So, if possible, he would like to continue that one. He also would have liked to continue being on stage, but this last one actually had been the “one more” question he begged from Becky, and so he had to leave finally. We would get another Q&A session with him in the afternoon, though.

On to part 8 - Barry Campbell talks about Stargate filming in the Arctic

Many thanks to "you know who you are" for the scribbled down RDA quotes!
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