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Customizing: Feet for my Hamlet figure (formerly known as Doctor Who)

Previously - Part 1: Changing The Doctor into Hamlet - the T-shirt

Another weekend, another try with Milliput. David Tennant as Hamlet was barefoot when running around stage. So I needed to change the chucks of the Tenth Doctor into bare feet. What a task!

This is what it looked like before:

Again, I used the help of some friend, this time an Angel figure which had exactly the kind of feet I aimed for:

So, I took my sharp knife again (the thumb has mostly healed, thank you). Oh boy, hope this will work:

I filled the spaces with Milliput and started to shape the toes and the heels. Problem was, whenever I was happy with the underside of the foot, the top side looked bad, and when I had formed that again, the underside started to slip. And this all in this really small scale.

The good thing about Milliput is, after an hour it starts to harden, so you have to come to an end, one way or the other. Otherwise I probably still would be sitting at that. So, there came the moment where I had to force myself to leave it, to not make it any worse. I'm not entirely happy, but this is what I managed:

Hope it will look better once it is painted. And to think I have to do it all again for the Hamlet in his black suit... Aw, man.

On to the next part - shirt and jeans
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