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Locations: The Doctor Who episode 10x02 "Smile" was filmed in City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

Catching up with the new Doctor Who season (and even liking it, much to my own surprise) I found a very familiar place in the second episode! Back in 2011, John Barrowman, his sister Carole and their husbands had made a France / Spain road trip, and they also had visited City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. I already loved the place then, and do now even more after seeing so much of it in this episode. This is the kind of modern architecture I love. Not the simple plain cube one without anything special.

Please find many more pictures under the cut. Anything that hasn't John or Carole in it, is a screenshot.

 photo 110817-Calatrava City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia.jpg

 photo 110817-Calatrava.jpg

 photo 110817-Carole Calatrava.jpg

 photo Unbenannt.jpg

 photo Unbenannt2.jpg

 photo Unbenannt3.jpg

 photo Unbenannt4.jpg

 photo Unbenannt5.jpg

 photo Unbenannt6.jpg

 photo Twitter_renamed_25944.jpg
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