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Meta: The way I watch TV

You know what is really funny? Ever since I started to watch the original Star Trek two years ago (because I had watched one of the new movies with Benedict Cumberbatch) I keep reading that Kirk is like Horatio Hornblower. All this time this name meant nothing to me. Never heard of him before. Wasn't part of my upbringing in East Germany.

A few weeks ago I finally started to watch "Forever" just because that Ioan Gruffud guy I equally never had heard of also was supposed to be at Comic Con Germany, and I did not want to regret afterwards to not have taken a picture with him. I had heard of "Forever" in our "Torchwood" group, that this guy was like Jack Harkness and always comes back after death, but never checked it out. Well, sadly he cancelled, as I am enjoying myself immensely with this series right now. Too bad there is only one season.

So again (when will I ever learn?) I made the mistake to look up Ioan Gruffud on youtube. Turns out I HAVE seen him before in the "Amazing Grace" movie that I once watched because of Benedict Cumberbatch. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the way I watch TV! Wasn't much interested in the "Almost Human" series with a cop and his robot partner, then someone told me that this was actually Karl Urban, you know, how could you not know this... and bam!

So, just now I found this. It's not so much a series, more like 8 TV movies, and from the few clips I saw so far, it looks amazing. Can't wait to watch it properly. Why do I always find these things way past midnight? Can someone tell me?

So, if you are an Ioan Gruffud fan (he plays the main role of Hornblower in case I did not mention that) or a Kirk fan that wants to get educated, here is the first part.
And I just looked who else is in there. Now where have I heard the name Jamie Bamber before? Right, he was in "Star Trek Continues" once... ;)

(see alumfelga I can do it just as well as you!)
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