Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Gotham action figures: Lookback at Bruce growing up with Alfred

Tonight aftera long wait finally "Gotham" returns with its 4th season. It will be the first season I am goin to watch live and discussing with fellow fans, instead of binge-watching.
To celebrate this occasion, I did some pictures of Bruce growing up with Alfred. More to come if I can think of anything else from his childhood!

Also, there's a story behind this! I didn't pull it out of thin air ;)

A few days ago Sean Pertwee posted this picture of himself skateboarding as a teenager in the Seventies on Instagram. He is the one up in the air. I was quite impressed, also by the level of trust the guy lying on the ground puts into him!

So I got inspired ;) And, to top it all off, he did not only retweet my tweet today, but also add a comment! I made him laugh! Yay!

Here is his tweet:



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