Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Happy Hauls

Oh my God look what I just bought. I have been eyeing this Spiderman alleyway set for a while but it is old and therefore going for 75+ GBP at ebay. Tonight I was browsing for fun and found it for 22 GBP. Because it is used and some minor parts missing but I still think I got a pretty good deal for my Gotham figures! It will fit well with my other balcony and fire escape.


And then this popped up, which I also saw for 70 GBP with another seller, and I couldn't pass it up at just 15 GBP. Not sure yet what to do with it but I love the bridge and the big building and also the background with the houses. I'm sure I can think of something.

This was an expensive day as I earlier already purchased a plane ticket to Manchester to see John Barrowman in pantomime in January.


Oh, and look at this artsy picture! This is the same Arkham Asylum picture I have, plus the Gotham alleyway, but it looks really artsy in here. Shows what one can do with the right lighting. I have lots to learn yet. The picture is from this page where there are lots more:

Tags: action figures, batman, hauls

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