Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Introduction: Gotham wave 4 - Azrael, Freeze & Dr. Strange (Diamond Select Toys)

Finally wave 4 of Diamond Select Toys "Gotham" figures has arrived in Germany - Azrael, Freeze and Dr. Strange. Check them out behind the cut!

Azrael has several swords and a weapon case that opens and closes. His shoulder pads move freely to give his arm free range. You also can switch his head to the hood.


Freeze looks awesome, comes with two freeze guns and cartridges.


Both come with pieces to the repainted balcony and fire ladder. Originally we were supposed to get the police precinct holding cell with them but apparently it was impossible to make. I would have loved that one.


Strange comes with this awesome chair (it doesn't move), certificates and books. The thick book opens and closes. Sadly I can't take off his glasses. Would like to make thinner wire ones. The Toys R Us version came without them so I thought they were removeable.



Tags: gotham, hauls

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