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My Thursday evening was very special!

The story in a nutshell: In May a big church event will happen in Dresden, and I entered a competition - I wrote a four lines poem and won one of 20 tickets for a very special evening where they introduced the official motto song. I am actually not religious, but I love the singer, Bodo Wartke, and so I was very happy that I could be there at this special mini concert on Thursday.

First, let me introduce you to the singer, before I tell about the evening itself. I am very happy that I can give my international friends an example of his songs, as I found that he has translated two of them to English. You can download them as MP3s on his official website. He usually sings in German and has funny rhymes, and I was not sure it was possible to translate this, but it really works!

Here you go:

"Yes, Dear!"

"What I'm thinking"

I really love the way he plays the piano.

The Thursday started actually rather bad. Because I thought I might want to wear a bit more posh clothes for the occasion, I used a different jacket. But during the day the zip broke and could not be closed anymore. Luckily a co-worker helped me to fix it. And then at noon I discovered that I had forgotten my wallet, because this was in the other jacket... so I had to loan money from another co-worker, for lunch. And since also my ticket for the tram is in my purse, I rode without one the whole day ;)

But the rest of the evening was nice. My brother and me and a friend arrived early, Bodo was sitting in the restaurant with some officials, and eating a light dinner. We left them alone and went upstairs. The mini concert happened in a small room, it was invitation only and we had to give our names to the people with a names list at the entry. As soon as we came to the floor, several waiters came to us and offered juice or wine.

We took our seats and there was a little introduction speech of one of the church event officials, and then Bodo was singing. Since a lot of the guests were voluntars for the event, and not necessarily already Bodo fans, he introduced himself with a few older songs, before he sang the official motto song. The first one was "Yes, Dear" which I linked above - for my friends who understand German, here is the link to youtube instead:

"Ja, Schatz"

You could see where the newbies were sitting, as constant laughter was coming from that direction ;) And even though this was an official event, there was no stiff atmosphere, it all was very relaxed and funny.

He sang a couple more songs, which were new to me as well (I don't know everything yet, either) - one was about rain, and a concert where the audience was wet, and also Noah who built his ark. This is a blues. And I just realized that we got an updated version two days ago, as I don't remember those last verses from the video. The Noah verse seems to be new, then. Here is the link anyway.


He also had a funny rhymed poem about Kain & Abel. There really is nobody else that can do rhymes like Bodo.

"Kain & Abel"

There also was a kind of Gospel - about Steve Jobs and the "Macianer". And a rather pensive song about how a memorial feels.

The last song was his love song, he sings the verses in all languages, so my international friends please listen to this as well:


In a concert, he does a couple of verses and then you can call in which language you want to hear. On his homepage he has a lot more languages, even such as Suahelian or Mandarin and even Klingon. If you click on the little British flag, you also will get the page in English. You then can click on the love song generator and make your own song:

Love song generator:

He also says, if we like, we could sing along, if we recognize a language. So, of course the whole room sang along to the Russian verse - "Ya lublyu tebya". And he said he loves being back in Dresden - as in Munich nobody sings along to that ;)

Aside from international languages, he also does all German and Switzerland and Austrian dialects, so of course we wanted our home dialect, Saxonian. Which, I might add, is hard to do for people not coming from here. But he managed rather well and got an extra applause. Funny thing was how he "prepared" himself by letting his jaw hanging loose first (Saxonian is a rather soft dialect, those of you who have met me surely know how it sounds when I try to talk English ;) )

So, that was the official last song, but we clapped as long till he gave an extra - about modern (boring) architecture:

"Architektur in Deutschland":

Then there was a little interview, how he came to write the song for the Kirchentag. He said, the first thing that he pictured when hearing the motto "... da wird auch dein Herz sein" was about organ donation, but then he thought that would not fit into the official song.

So, he explained, there is the "radio-edit", which is the official song, and then he had added some extra verses, which I thought were very funny. My German friends can download the official song here:


But I'm not sure whether or not I should spoil you what the extra verses were about, in case you might hear them live at the event. If you want me to tell about it, let me know, I can do it in the comments.

We also sang along, it is a rather groovy song, and then the official part was over. He gave autographs and posed for pictures afterwards, we also bought a CD. Then we stood a bit outside and talked with friends, and ate some of the snacks they also had provided. And again we were offered wine, as they had planned for many more people and now nobody wanted anything.

So, we were rather tipsy and I arrived home at 22.30 hours (the concert had started at 19.30 hours).

A concert, wine and snacks, all for free - I call that a successful evening! In May he will give a whole concert here in Dresden and I will be there - my third. For my German friends - have a look at his homepage when he comes to your hometown - you won't regret it, I can promise that.

Official home page:

Oh, and if somebody should be interested in my poem - it is published at the official Kirchentag page here:

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