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Customizing part 4 - both Hamlets finished!

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Previously - Part 3: Shirt and Jeans

Yay! Hamlet number 2 is also finished! Doesn't he look striking?

Just as a reminder, this is how it looked before:

I cut off a bit of the jacket at the front, removed the tie and added different lapels and the bowtie.

I also added the button border of the shirt and changed the pockets of the jacket.

The sleeves of the Doctor suit went straight till his hands, but Hamlet has a bit of white shirt sleeves peeking out, which is how a good suit should be worn. So, I added a bit of extra sleeve:

Also with extra buttons, of course:

At the backside, I removed whatever it is called (the thing which makes the jacket more tailored). I also filled up the vent in the middle of the jacket and added two vents right and left instead:

Of course, he also got feet - I think I have to cut them a bit smaller yet:

E voilá!

And Hamlet number 1 got the print on his t-shirt. I think it looks okay if you don't look too closely. I also painted his jeans blue and tried even for a bit of faded look at the knees.

I said don't look too closely!

I made myself some kind of stencil, but it didn't work the way I had originally planned. I thought I could spray it on.

But it smeared too much, so I had to paint it in the end.

Oh, and both former Doctors got their sideburns removed! That was kind of tricky.

 photo DavidHamletshirt600x450.jpg

 photo DavidHamletsuit600x450.jpg

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