Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Gotham: Where does Alfred live?

"Gotham" fans are wondering if Alfred is homeless now that Bruce has fired him. I wonder if he does not have any money that he needs to live in such a crappy part of the city. Or maybe he just does not care anymore. I want to note though that his shoes are way too shiny for living on the street ;)

Watch this clip:

Edit: Even longer version, with fight!

It's actually an interview with Ben McKenzie but shows us a new scene from when "Gotham" will return in March. And it makes me want to hug Alfred. Poor guy! That body language and face says it all. Very well acted, Sean!

So I got inspired big time and made this picture. I knew buying that Spiderman playset some weeks ago with the bridge would come in handy some day!

Tags: action figures - gotham, sean pertwee

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