Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Care package

Look sharp2799 what lovely things athousandsmiles has sent me! I love it all!

See more pictures behind the cut

Lots of X-files stuff that I didn't have yet! I can see a crossover with Star Trek figures happening.


I love the porcelain bath tub and sink with golden faucet, I always had wanted one of those!
The kitchen counter and refrigerator look pretty ancient. Everything is very nice. I need to find mirror foil for the mirror.


I assume the yellow thing is a letter box? It has a lid that opens. Or what else could it be?


There were several of those white stool like thingies, they come with a pizza!
athousandsmiles I want to ask what the little white thing with the cord and plug is?


A closer look at the things that were still inside the package.


I always wanted a cuckoo clock! I can see Jack and Gwen going to Bilis Manger in his clock shop...
Forgot to ask, what is the small thing? A radio?


Love those erasers, I already have the bananas and the grapes, but you can never have enough of that.
The strawberries are a bit big LOL As well as the orange.
I found out that the green leaf belongs to the orange. At first I thought the round thing was a flower pot. But it has like a spike at the bottom so can't stand. What could this be?


And I am puzzled about these things. Do you know what that is, athousandsmiles?
Does it also belong to the X-file figures? Do I need to put it together somehow? Or get more pieces to build a thing?


Edit: I asked in the toyark forum and they told me the right use: the grates go in front of the alien pods and the other things are to connect them.



Tags: hauls, x-files

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