Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Gotham: Snow Day

Back in February, when we got the first snow of this winter, that only lasted one morning, I took this picture:


But I never was really happy with it so never posted it. I have enhanced the colors, the original was very grey (as the sky was grey) and I did not like Alfred being in up till the knees and the grass showing.

Then on Wednesday Sean posted videos about snow in New York, looking like this:


And I realized that in the above picture I also had failed to give Alfred a scarf and a hat. So in the morning of Thursday, before work, I retook the picture, with what little of snow was left on my balcony. By evening, it was gone. I am very happy with my new result and I even got a retweet from Sean for it:


And here is a behind-the-scenes picture, taking off the magic a bit I guess ;) With one hand I was holding the blue paper, with the other photographing. Gymnastics early in the morning.


Tags: action figures - gotham

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