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part 3 of Pictures of St. Fagans, lovely open air museum

On with last year's Cardiff travel report - need to finish these before the travels I have planned for this year.

On to part 3

Directly around the corner from the the Oakdale Workmen’s Institute we found the Gwalia stores and Gwalia Tea rooms. And I'm sure every Doctor Who fan will recognize those from the episodes "Human Nature/Family of Blood" - here did the Doctor aka John Smith walk with Joan, and here the piano threatened to fall on the baby carriage. As always, more pictures under the LJ cut.

That's me, by the way!

The inside of the shop is worth looking at as well:

Not far from that we ran into some pigs. It's worth noting those because of the barn that stood behind them.

No, not this one - what you see at the left side in the background is called an Aluminium Prefab - after World War II they were constructed from airplane pieces and whatever was left over. They turned out to be so popular that till this day people live in such houses.

No, not that pigsty, either - although I loved that one as well as it looked exactly like the one in "Shaun the Sheep"

But what I mean is this barn - where the TARDIS was hidden.

Martha sometimes came by bicycle to visit it - remember? That's the way she came through the woods:

I also loved the Rhyd-y-Car Ironworkers' Houses

Each one was furnished from a different time period - from 1805 (far left) till modern 1985 (far right). These are basically only one small room and one even smaller one at the backside, which sometimes was used as bedroom, other times as a kitchen.

Here are many more pictures:

Note the thick magnifying glass in front of the TV! Never have seen something like this before.

At the other side did a small garden belong to each house, where they grew vegetables and such, but I leave those pictures for another day.

As always my thanks goes to my friends, whom many of those pictures belong to.

To be continued
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