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Hamlet action figure theatre - part 2

Last time we left Hamlet when he just greeted his friend Horatio. The link to the previous entry can be found at the end of this part. Actually, the scene with the ghost whould be next now, but we couldn't shoot it as the actor (= Roman Soldier) was not available at the time. But as you all know, all movies are shot out of order, so we will do these scenes one day yet.

So, Hamlet swears to revenge his father, and cuts his own hand with the knife. Due to the actionfigure's limited range of mobility, we could not to the actual cut, this is as close as we got. As always, click on the link under the picture to see the rest of the story.

Then Hamlet faints.

The sword was made by aker_ldh , I think it looks very good!

Hamlet gets found by Horatio and the soldier who also witnessed the ghost. He lets them swear on the sword to help him.

After that it was time for the set guy to clean the stage. By the way, how do you like my black shiny floor? We used a black bed sheet and a plastic foil over that.

On with the movie: Hamlet reads a book, and Polonius gets the impression that he is crazy/nuts/one fry short of a happy meal/WACKO.

Note that he wears a bandage around his hand now and please marvel a bit longer at this nice black leather book with golden title and pages that are full with text and can be turned, as this also was made by aker_ldh !

End of this part, here are some screenshots of the movie again, for those that have not seen it and want to compare what we did:

And this is the only ghost I own, which I admit would have looked a bit silly, so we thought the Roman Soldier with the helmet would be better ;)

To be continued

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