Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Customizing: Hawaiian flower chain

When I have an idea, then I have an idea. I don't want to wait till Monday to go to the craft shop to buy supplies, it has to be done immediately or never! So today within a few hours, using colored paper that is in my stash since my childhood (seriously, original East Germany papers here) and a punch that I bought years ago, I made this flower chain.

I used the fish that is the second from left, and cut off the biggest fin. Don't tell anyone... I also used little beads that are even from my mother's childhood to separate the paper snippets, otherwise I would have had to make three times as many and it was hard work as it was.

This is a teaser preview for a proper Alfred on vacation picture! Stay tuned!
And click the cut to see the work-in-progress pictures






Tags: customizing

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