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Stranger Things action figure theatre - masterlist

Stranger Things masterlist

Little Christmas tree

New car FB TU TW IG

Pizza Place FB TU TW IG1 IG2 R

It's me buddy FB TU TW IG

World UFO Day FB TU TW IG1 IG2

Hopper reading the Stranger Things novel FB TU TW IG R

Hopper with some beer FB TU TW IG1 IG2

We got a dog FB Tumblr Twitter Instagram

Eleven's 1st Christmas FB Tumblr TW IG

Halloween Party Tumblr TW1 TW2 Instagram

Eleven as ghost Twitter IG

Dead Pumpkins Facebook Tumblr Twitter IG1 IG2 IG3 IG4
Crossover with X-Files

Pumpkin carving Facebook Tumblr Twitter IG1 IG2 IG3 AO3

Men with hats drinking beer
Indiana Jones, Harvey Bullock, Chief Hopper Facebook Tumblr Twitter

No coffee Facebook Tumblr Twitter Instagram

Skateboard time Facebook Tumblr Twitter IG1 IG2 IG3 IG4 AO3

Back to school Facebook Tumblr Twitter IG1 IG2 R

Curiosity voyage paddles FB TU TW IG1 IG2 R

The bike Facebook Tumblr Twitter Instagram1

In the woods Facebook Tumblr Twitter Instagram2 Instagram3

Epic Crossover - Hopper, Terminator, Bullock, Jack Bauer


Hopper & Eleven season 3 TU TW1 TW2

Ghostbusters FB1 FB2 Tumblr TW1 TW2 IG

Mike & Will FB1 FB2 Tumblr Twitter IG1 IG2

Chief Hopper Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Tags: action figures - stranger things

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