Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Going to the HUB con in November - John Barrowman attending!

Yes, I know I'm crazy, but it's The Barrowman!
So, I just bought a ticket for the next HUB from 25.-27.11. in London-Heathrow. Yesterday they announced John Barrowman as the first guest and I cannot let slip this opportunity for a picture and authograph by. Who knows when he will come again.

It's rumored that they try for more guests of the new Torchwood, so maybe we will even get Bill Pullman?

So, two weeks after the JB concert in Cardiff I will fly to the UK again - the fourth time this year after RDA in Birmingham and David Tennant in London. Should really get a flat over there or something.

Barrowman time is starting today with the first episode of "Miracle Day" and tomorrow also "Tonight's the Night" is going into its third year.

If anyone of you is coming to the con in London, please let me know so we can meet up! Here is the link to the official page:
Tags: con 2011: hub7 heathrow, john barrowman, london, torchwood

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