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AFT SG-1: Jack and Daniel at vacation at the Sea - part 1/2

Today I bring some new pictures - I was at vacation at the Baltic Sea, and there were these two guys right next to me at the beach. They seemed very friendly and allowed me to take some pictures. I always had a thing for surfboys...

Meer 01

Meer 02

But I love that they also were like little boys when they made their - what's it called in English? We call it "Kleckselburg", when you let the wet sand drop through your fingers and it becomes like stalakmites.

Meer 03

Then a little break was needed.

Meer 04

Meer 06

Time to go home now:

Meer 05

(In case you are wondering about the shirts - those are actually Spike and Angel in Hawaiian shirts, I just changed the heads and painted their arms in the color to match the faces, since the vampires where too white LOL)

on to part 2 over here
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