Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Very special concert evening!

Yesterday the fifth A Cappella Festival took place here in Dresden at a romantical stage in the woods. The first two bands were able to perform without rain, but when Bliss from Switzerland came on, suddenly it was pouring down madly. The audience was fleeing under roofs, but the boys on stage just kept going with their show, even though their shirts and pants were totally wet in minutes, they were in the middle of it all.

Then, after a short break, they had changed from the stage suits into their regular jeans and came back on stage - without any shirts at all! The audience came back to the front of the stage as well, and we all sang and danced together in the rain. That was an awesome evening and nobody will ever forget it. Thank you, guys! Here is a picture from me but Roland Löffelholz has much better ones at Facebook here:

And here some links to them on youtube, if you want to have a look. They really know how to sing and dance:

"Lady Marmalade"


"Uptown Girl":

"If You Tell Me More/Crazy"

"Stevie Wonder Medley":


Tags: dresden, music, real life

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