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18 April 2019 @ 09:31 am
Gotham: Alfred cutting his mouth into a Joker smile  
Alfred cutting his mouth into a Joker smile with a razor while laughing maniacally was probably the most disturbing and frightening scene of the whole of "Gotham" for me. Thankfully Selina found the real Alfred in a closet later.
(I bought a Christmas stocking and sewed the bag from that)



vjezkovavjezkova on April 18th, 2019 06:00 pm (UTC)
Oh wow! THis is a very disturbing scene!
Antjedieastra on April 27th, 2019 09:22 am (UTC)
Oh yes, very disturbing! Thankfully it was not the real Alfred doing this. Bruce just thought it was but because he had been drugged it was a random man (poor man though)

Bruce and fake Alfred even fought until fake Alfred fell down and died. And then Selina found the real one in the closet. It was an emotional scene when real Alfred and Bruce met and hugged. At first he did not want to believe it.