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Introduction: Stranger Things boys as Ghostbusters

For alumfelga who just finished this season, and I realized I haven't posted these in here.
When I posted them on Instagram a while ago, I got likes from the official John Belushi and official Blues Brothers account (run by Judy Belushi and Dan Aycroyd) I thought that was pretty cool.

As are the figures! I mean, look at all the detail and the stuff they come with. And you can see that these are selfmade costumes, I love the buttons from mother's button box! And there are two Venkmans as they argue who would play whom.

Dustin's trap even opens and closes and Will has his film camera. I can't believe how quickly I went from "I'll just buy this sheriff guy as I could always use a sheriff" over "well might at least get Eleven so he does not feel so alone" to "need to get all the kids in all possible outfits". At Toy fair 2018 they also showed us a Dustin with Dart from season 2 but it seems we won't get them. I'd also love Steve and Joyce.

And since I always do come from the wrong end of things, only NOW (recently) I have watched the two original Ghostbusters movies for the first time in my life. Somehow I had always managed to skip them. So funny to finally see Dr. Janosz Poha who I only bought so I could give Alfred his grey coat. Or to finally see the fire station and the roof top with the dog statues which I only had known from the action figure displays so far. I'm seriously tempted to get Janine, the secretary. She makes a great normal woman for displays. Could I probably use her as Florence for Hopper, taking away his donuts / doughnuts? Now there's an idea...

I also am wondering whether I should chuck out 200 Euro for the Stranger Things LEGO set, which comes with both real and upside down house and I want it for the sheriff truck alone! Look at that! For me not really being in the fandom I do seem to spend a lot of money on stuff. Hm.

But I digress. Where was I? Right, Stranger Things boys in Ghostbusters uniforms. And now that I have them they are stored away in the box and I have no idea what to do with them, even though they're awesome. Hit me with ideas please!





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