Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Introduction: Hopper and Eleven from Stranger Things season 3

"Hey, it's me buddy, don't you recognize me? Put that gun down, willya?"


This is Hopper looking like Magnum ;) But I really do like this figure. Look how detailed the jeans are! Look at the creases of the shirt at the back! Looks very realistic.


Again, look at the creases at the pants! He's also sporting a wrist-watch. He comes with Walkie Talkie (as if I didn't have enough of those already), a special hand to hold it, beer and his gun. I did a comparing picture between this gun and the one from the other figure. Turns out, the first one was painted more nicely, it had a brownish insert at the handle and silver screw.


And this is a crotch comparing post - the jeans one looks much nicer but he can't spread his legs as wide and also not to the front, to sit on a bike for example. Still, a very nice figure and I like it very much. Shame I did not like Hopper much this season :( alumfelga


And here's Eleven in her new dress. She also comes with another Walkie Talkie (not pictured, as by now you should know what they look like), more hands, and a shopping bag which looks a bit small for her. It has a different design on each side.


Tags: action figures - stranger things

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