Antje (dieastra) wrote,

The Orville: Ed and the vending machine

I got this model kit for a vending machine from HobbyLink Japan. I left one side open so I even was able to put a light in!

I only had built the lab table set so far and that was snapped together so this was the first that I actually had to glue and I apparently made every mistake you can do

I bent the front side too much while trying to cut it off from the frames and ended up with a visible tear/break. And despite my best intentions I also had smeared glue on the front side so I ended up painting it red which does not really show thankfully. I also managed to get glue onto the clear pieces and trying to wipe that off with paint remover was not one of my smartest ideas... well the clear parts are now frosted glass and who says that can't be possible?

Finally I seem to have some parts left over but that is not my fault, the manual never asked for them. I also think they mixed up parts 11 and 12. Despite all this, I am still very happy with the result and I even managed to put a light into it.
I might want to look for some black square as base so I can rise it up a little for my larger figures. Ed is 6" but also bent over a bit.


Tags: action figures - the orville, customizing

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