Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Hauls: TriForce Arkham Origins Joker Collectible Statue

I was looking online for something, don't remember what. Instead I stumbled about this and once I realized it lits up there was no way I was not getting it!

It's called TriForce Arkham Origins Joker Collectible Statue - I believe it also came with a game? I have no idea about these things. So is this a scene from the game? I just wanted the background anyway.

These pictures were taken when it just had arrived and it is still dusty.


I love the little details, how the carpet folds over the floorboards. (yes, that green figure in the back is supposed to be without head. At first I thought it was broken)



All the items are glued tightly and cannot be removed.




It arrived with one of the screens broken (which was NOT in the ebay description!) I was looking for a way to open it at the backside, but it seems to be one solid piece. I was able though to put some glue around the edge and then turn it with it front downwards so it would just fall back in place and thankfully it holds now. If it had gotten completely loose and fallen inside there was nothing I could have done.



Even the backside is crafted wonderfully!
The box on the left opens and there are the batteries stored and the light switch.
You'll see three gum plugs. I don't know what they are for or what I would gain to remove them. There is one hole which is missing the plug. But no screws to take it apart. Although the middle upper part also arrived loose from the boxes below. But you could see that it was glued so I inserted the plugs back into the holes and did glue it back.

The small TVs at the left should have antennas, you can see that in the youtube videos. Little plastic things that came extra and needed to be inserted.


Tags: batman, hauls

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