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Customzing: Ed is playing the Bolodon Disks game (The Orville)

My little Ed was bored so I made him the Bolodon disks game. I hope he teaches me the rules so we can play together!
Made with Shrinky Dink, a plastic straw and some small beads.


Click the cut to see all detailed pictures how I made the game!

I started with constructing the layout.


My desk didn't look that tidy for long!


The foil is Shrinky Dink, a foil you can draw on and then bake it in the oven. It will well up a bit and then shrink. For some odd reason not all became flat afterwards, some stayed welled-up.


For some reason it also was not as round afterwards. More like oval.


For the base I used a plastic straw from one of those drinking packs.


I cut holes into the sides. At first I only wanted to do a slit but the Shrinky Dink pieces were so thick, I actually had to cut out a bit. Some more micro-plastic flying around, sorry Mother Earth!
I was wondering what I could use as the foot of the base. Then I remembered this grey thing that I had in my collection since my childhood. Honestly. I have no idea what this originally was but I never threw it away, thinking I can use it one day. In the screenshot you can see that the base should be square not round but otherwise it was perfect so I didn't care.


And the result! I used some small beads from a box that my mother used to play with as a kid and that is now in my stash.


And this is the original (screenshot)

Tags: action figures - the orville, customizing

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