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The Orville action figure theatre - masterlist

Masterlist for The Orville action figure theatre

Explanations: Link-Livejournal, FB-Facebook, TU-Tumblr, TW-Twitter, IG-Instagram, AO3-Archive of our own, R-Reddit

Shell planet FB TU TW

Winter Park FB TU TW

Wright Flyer FB TU TW IG R

Wizkids Shuttle FB TU TW R

Wizkids Doctor Who adventures FB TU TW IG1 IG2 IG3 IG4 R

Ed at bar FB TU TW IG R

Merry Christmas FB TU TW IG R

Happy Halloween - Spiders! FB TU TW IG R

Happy Birthday Captain FB TU TW IG

Orville starts filming season 3 FB TU TW IG R

Rusty spaceship FB2 IG1 IG2 TW2

Ed is playing the Bolodon disks game FB TU TW IG R

Ed and the vending machine FB TU TW IG

Ed reads the comic FB TU TW R

Ed plays golf TW
Tags: action figures - the orville

  • Gotham: Octopus

    There have been some art contest in October and one had the word "Octopus" so I ended up making this:

  • Crossover: Bar Scenes

    I got the Extreme Sets bar and tried some pictures.

  • Gotham: Bullock & Pennyworth

    After the end of "Gotham", Harvey and Alfred opened a private investigation firm called "Bullock & Pennyworth"

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