Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Introductions: Star Trek figures

Introduction posts:

9" Tom Paris FB TU TW IG

9" Doctor & Harry Kim TW

Beaming Bones FB TU IG

Maquis Rider FB TU TW IG1 IG2 IG3

9" Chakotay FB TU TW IG

9" Janeway TU TW

9" Tuvok TU TW IG

Starfleet Away team TW

DST Electronic Captain's Chair TW

Comparison of the Kirks FB TU TW IG

QMX Captain's Chair FB TU TW

QMX Bones in medical shirt FB TU TW

Quantum Mechanix Dr. "Bones" McCoy FB TU TW

Mezco Kirk FB

Mezco Mirror Mirror Spock FB TU TW


QMX Kirk FB1 FB2 TU1 TUr2 TW

DST sKlingons Kor and Kang FB TU TW

Galileo Shuttlecraft 2 FB TU

Galileo Shuttlecraft 1 FB TU

DST Irradiated Spock & Admiral Kirk Facebook TU TW

DST Kirk and Spock: The Voyage Home FB TU TW

DST Motion picture Admiral James T. Kirk & Commander Spock FB TU TW

DST Regula I Kirk FB TU TW

DST Double Cross Kirk (Wrath of Khan)

DST Star Trek crew FB TU TW

DST Battle-scarred Kirk & Gorn FB

DST Battle ravaged Kirk FB TU

DST More Kirks FB TU

DST Kirk in green shirt TU

DST Amok Time FB TU

DST Kirk & Khan, Spock & Horta FB1 FB2 TU
Tags: action figures - star trek

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