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My life in books part 2/2 "The Living Room" - book meme - I show mine, show me yours!

Part 1 - the bedroom - was here

Here comes the second part of my book meme. If you haven't seen the first part, the bedroom, click the link above. For the living room, here:

Last week I showed you all the books in my bedroom, today I want to show you the ones in the living room.

The four books on the left are from Friedrich Gerstäcker, but they are only made to look old, they are (or were) brand-newly printed in Eastern Germany and a gift from my grandmother. I liked the look though.

This is my shelf for all kind of biographies of people I like and want to learn more about. It's a colorful mix. The autobiography of Christopher Reeve has deeply touched me.

And at the right side are all kind of books about stuff I like on TV. There's a "Simpsons" episode guide, there's "Desperate Housewives", there's Comedian Harmonists, and some TV show where they lived in a year 1900 mansion. And let's not forget the HUGE Lex Barker biography, which always is helpful holding up the walls for the action figure theatre ; )

Next is a shelf with my lexicon and I have no idea what to do with this one. I didn't own a computer ten years ago when I bought it, but now with google who needs a lexicon anymore?

Well, at least it is good for holding up my Wise Guys book and the big coffee table book my friend from Vienna once gave me.

In the upper right corner you will be greeted by this smiling face, and I think I don't need to explain that ; )

Behind are some books hidden from when I was a teenager - there's "Knight Rider" and "Baywatch" novels and later I added "Superman"/"Lois & Clark", "24", "Torchwood" and "Doctor Who". My life in books, so to speak.

At the left side of this shelf are the "Torchwood" novels. The "Doctor Who" novels actually don't belong to me, they are just lent for reading by a friend. You can't see them, as I of course proudly display my signed copy of "Much ado about nothing" with David Tennant and Catherine Tate (the signatures are inside).
This shelf just recently got new decorated, before you could find here all kind of books about Götz George (German actor) and also "Schimanski" novels (his most famous role). I didn't throw them away but packed them into the box with all the journal clippings I once bought from someone.

Now we go a few years back when I was going to the cinema very often, and liked to read the books after seeing the film. Some of those paperbacks are bought for cheap money, you would not think what you can find in those rummage tables. And of course my love for Katharine Hepburn is also displayed. The two books that lay on top are both made into movies with Richard Dean Anderson in the lead, and so I bought them when a fan was selling them.

On to another big shelf, this one has more cheap books from my "Batman", "James Bond", "Arnold Schwarzenegger" and "Stargate" phases. What a combination!

And the last shelf in the living room has all the Fandemonium "Stargate" novels and other "Stargate" episode guides and compilations. Seems like I need to make a second row there soon, too. And don't overlook the tiny MacGyver novel which I got from someone in Australia through ebay, because back in the Eighties when it got printed I had no idea MacGyver even existed. Not my fault, it just didn't air on Eastern German television.
Plus when I was in London's "Forbidden Planet", those two "Eureka"-novels sprang to my attention and I got them. Actually I ordered a third one from Amazon, not quite sure where that is at the moment. (Edit: Found it under a stack of newspapers ;) )

Well, I hope you are not disappointed that there is not much "quality" reading to be found. I do read that too from time to time, but I get them all from the library. No need (and space) to buy a book and only read it once. I only buy those where my heart is at the moment, which I look into frequently, and even if I later move on to another TV show, they still remind me of the fun I once had.

And here is a list of everyone who has participated in this meme:
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