Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Star Trek: XOs for the XOs Part 2 - Shaving

On New Earth, Kathryn cuts Chakotay's hair and also shaves him. Illustrated with action figures. Inspired by fanfictions.

Made for the XOs for the XOs fest, showing some love to the first officers.

Fanfiction 2: "Close Shave" by dieastra

She put a towel that had been soaked with hot water on his face, to soften the hair. He grunted from under it.

“Is it too hot?”

“No, it’s okay,” came his muffled reply.


Using the brush she lathered his cheeks, neck and chin generously with shaving cream. He sighed barely audible.

“Feels good?”



She could feel him gradually relax under her hands.

“Okay,” she instructed, “lean back and try not to move.”




She stood to his left side, intending to start at his right cheek.

“Blow out your right cheek a bit, like this, to give me a smoother surface to work with.”


She realized in what a vulnerable position Chakotay was, allowing her to work so close to his throat. He kept himself perfectly still and was breathing shallowly, but steadily.


She could see a mischievous gleam appear in his eyes, but she was too slow to react. He’d already bent down, scooped up two fingers full of cream and put it on her nose while saying, “You have something on your nose.”





They were running after and dodging each other, continuing to soil themselves everywhere with cream.


Behind the scenes picture: Since the clothes are for 12" figures but Chakotay is only 9" the pants were a bit wide on him. I compensated.

Tags: action figures - star trek

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