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My chat with Tim Russ from "Star Trek Voyager"

On Saturday on Galaxy Con was a virtual Star Trek Voyager panel with several guests, and afterwards you could book a one-to-one chat. I had to think long and hard whom to choose as I wanted to chat with all, but in the end decided on Tim Russ.

He plays a Vulcan and I had hoped his calming presence would be good for my nerves ;) It worked, I was not nervous at all and it was a wonderful chat. I opened with saying that I first saw him in "The Orville" and only watched "Voyager" for the first time last year. And we also talked about the episode where they go back in time to Los Angeles in the year 1996 which at the time they were filming was current, but watching it now looks so dated LOL
He looked so cool in the clothes they made him to wear in that episode.

Finally he told me about all the conventions he has been to in Germany and I probably was at a few of them as well but did not know him yet at the time :( But he says he will be back so cross your fingers.

You could book for 2 minutes but also for more and I got two sessions which they combined into a longer one. I definitely want to recommend this method. You can get up to 10 minutes but that will be expensive then! Tim Russ, Robert Duncan McNeill, Robert Picardo and Garrett Wang were all 85 USD for 2 minutes, but Kate Mulgrew, the captain, was 175 USD for 2 minutes.

Also in our chat a virtural picture was made and he will sign it and I'll get a copy. I paid another 20 USD for that.

I don't plan to upload my chat publically but if there is anyone who would love to see it (and is not disturbed by my German and also Saxonian accent ;) ) let me know and I'll send you a PM. Here are a few chats by others:

I love this one best, this is Kate Mulgrew and Mana with her three little girls who are also big Janeway fans. Kate is a mother herself and asks about the family and how they are holding up, so sweet:

Robert Picardo and Eden - he plays the Doctor on Voyager and she asks about the doctor's advice in the pandemic, great question! They also talk about opera and musicals, wonderful sweet conversation:

This is Kate Mulgrew and Gemma who asked a great question whether Kathryn would be differently if it was filmed today and I love Kate's reply:

This is Kate Mulgrew and Alexis, who chatted with Kate some weeks ago already but when she said to sing for her time ran out. So this time Alexis sang for her and Kate is amazed:

This is Jennifer Green who does barbecues and made me hungry with her food descriptions:

Kate Mulgrew and Tiffanie - they talk about her being a figure skater and Kate loves figure skating:

Kate Mulgrew and coffeemate_jc who is a teacher for special needs children and they talk about that:



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