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Customizing: A console for Tuvok

On the weekend I made a console for Tuvok!


I got the prints from the Voyager Illustrated Handbook:


My materials - just cardboard and a wooden stick from candied apples:


I split it in two halves, it is for the round edge at the front of the console:


To hide the ugly cardboard sides, I added tape:


Result of the first day:


But then I realized the console should be at an angle and also the top, so I added triangles in the corners to keep the shape:


And then I got ambitious and instead of just glueing the printed display to the top of the cardboard, I wanted it to be inserted. Which meant adding another layer and destroying my perfectly flush top to have it flush with the front:


See, all cardboards. The prints go behind to give an edge around:


Looks good but there is this ugly gap between the cardboard and the wooden stick:


So I created some kind of apron from paper and sprayed it with the same grey paint and wrapped it around to give a smooth surface.
Yesterday I did it with newspaper which was so thin it cracked when I glued it. And instead of trying again, I tried to spray over it and with that destroyed the whole printed display. So I had to wait till today for printing a new one:


I also added plastic foil to make the displays more shiny.


I'm very proud of it! He will also get his front console but since this was so much work I did not finish that yet.


Bridge by Jonathan Parks:
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