Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Customizing: Matrix stairs

Today I had to stay at home for two different handymen. I used the time to finally put marble paper on the Matrix stairs. The original black stairs did not photograph well. It took so long as I could not decide whether to leave the top or the side of the stairs black.

Seeing it now in the picture I realize I still don't like the black. Maybe I should do the sides with marble as well and then put like a red velvet carpet in the middle.

I used newspaper first to measure and cut the exact shapes. Not sure yet what to do with the wall. I could break off the hooks but the round thing can't be cut off.

There is also a pedestral at the bottom of the railing, at first I wanted to leave that off but then there would have been a hole. So I added marble paper to that as well to hide the holes left behind after I cut the figure from it.






For those interested, this is what the whole set would look like:

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