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Customizing: David Tennant figure in white Navy uniform from "Much Ado about Nothing"

Remember the David Tennant as Hamlet figure I did a year ago? I have done another one.
Here he is in his white Navy uniform from the theatre play "Much Ado about Nothing", I saw this live in London.



And this is how I did it:
First I took off the jacket. He looked like this under it:


Guess I'll have to do something about this backside of him!


Again I had to cut the jacket sleeves to make bare arms. Then I added all the necessary things - everything that is white is made with Milliput - shirt collar, epaulettes, shirt pockets, short sleeves, and I also filled up the ribs a bit, as the white shirt was not THAT tight.


Then I gave him a wrist watch, and a belt buckle including belt loops.


With some added color it looks like this:


I even put in some creases, just like the original:


This was the picture I was going by:

Not sure what to do with the hair - it should be more combed back, I also would need to remove the sideburns, but I am not sure if I dare to touch his face. I am afraid of messing up.

In any case, the backside looks better now too:


The epaulettes didn't want to cooperate, though. No chance to paint them directly at the figure. I had to do many tries at black paper (with a thin needle instead of a brush) and then glue the best of them on.


The golf cart I got very cheap at ebay. It is too small of course. There would be an in-scale one as well, but that shall be 50 USD plus 40 USD for shipping, and that is a bit too much just for fun. So unfortunately I cannot sit David inside, the way he arrived on stage.


The flags I made from paper, with a pin. The suitcase is from the little Amelia figure, and the hat was once on a chocolate duck, if I remember right... many years ago.


My next projects are the complete white uniform, with jacket, sash and sword (from the end of the play), and the blue Superman shirt from that famous scene.

Masterlist of all my customized actionfigures

Edit: I just found out that I got featured with my action figure projects here which is pretty cool:

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