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Customizing: John Barrowman and his dogs

It was John's sister Carole turns out it wasn't her after all , so who else of you gave me the idea for this with writing "Any chance of CJ getting his own wee figure for these?"? Naturally, I had to take it and run away with it. So I give you not only Captain Jack, but also Charlie and Harris.

When I bought them, they did not look like they do now, so I had to do a bit of painting. Please click the link to see what exactly I did, and how those figures are originally named, if you want to buy some, too.

The first one I found was Harris. This Cocker Spaniel is a children's toy made out of rubber/gum from "Bullyland" and I got it from German ebay.

I painted all the white spaces black, but my paint was only a matt one, so I highlightened the furry with some Edding pen for gloss.

For Charlie, I had to do a bit more searching. I did not like any of the other Spaniels at ebay. Then I found this figure. Not sure what is it made from - gesso? The label says "Original by Castagna, made in Italy, 1988". One of those figures you put into your book shelf. I think he looks really cute (although I can't really shake the impression that this is rather a female dog? Forgive me, Charlie!) Got this from German ebay as well.

As you can see in the picture, he was not all thorough brown, so I had to do something about that. At first I wanted to buy paint in that exact color, but I was afraid of clogging up the fine hair lines, so I just used a felt pen back from my childhood. Who would've thought they would come in handy more than twenty years later. Since we only had the basic colors back in the G.D.R. (plus they were very expensive, too) I have to thank my aunt Heike from Western Germany for always providing me with a huge range of pens and colors.

Yesterday finally the last one arrived - from Hong Kong! It is called "Kaiyodo Takara ChocoQ Animatales Jack Russell Terrier Figure A" and arrived in several parts which I had to put together, much like those surprises in Kinder eggs. But I think he looks wonderful and was well worth his price! He has not exactly the markings as the real Captain Jack, but as he is so tiny and well painted I decided not to tinker with him.

Here are some pictures of John Barrowman with his "boys" for comparison:

The first one is from this page:

And here is one John has tweeted:

And the third one from this page:

You also can watch a video, an advertisement for Virgin Atlantic's Pet Travel, in which all three dogs are starring (together with Daddy, of course):

For those who want to keep up with more pictures in the future, I am also on Twitter now:!/dieastra

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