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DW action figure theatre: Part 2/2 of The Doctor visits me in my home-city Dresden

Link to Part 1/2 The Doctor visits me in Dresden

So, here comes the second part of my little Doctor-visit. At the link above you'll find all the sightseeing we did, but now we are back home.

I was afraid the Doctor would get a serious cold, so I treated him to a hot tea and warm water for the feet:

The picture you see hanging at the wall is the one I was talking about in the first part - the famous Dresden silhouette by Canaletto. Here is it in bigger:

I also had to add the picture to his cup. It says "I ♥ Dresden" on the other side, but the Doctor was only able to hold the cup with his right hand. So instead of showing you the magnet that was put there, I removed it and fixed the hole with this picture. Don't tell anybody!

The next day the Doctor was on his way and I can just hope that he will visit me again. Preferably during Summer time. When he comes back, I'll let you know about it!

And now a bit of behind the scenes:
Are you interested how I made that stylish glass table? Easy. Used a box which had held playing cards before, and some wire:

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