Antje (dieastra) wrote,

My customized actionfigures and accessories

Action figures

The Orville: Captain Ed Mercer FB TU TW IG1 IG2 IG3 IG4

Gotham: A grey coat for Alfred FB Tumblr Twitter IG

Fixing Penguin's tie Tumblr IG

Gotham: Ed Nygma becomes The Riddler Facebook Tumblr Twitter IG1 IG2 IG3 IG4

Gotham: A dress for Barbara Kean Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Shaun the sheep: Spider Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Gotham: Jim Gordon in wifebeater shirt and with naked chest Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Gotham: Alfred Pennyworth with rolled up sleeves Facebook1 Facebook2 Facebook3 Tumblr Twitter IG1 IG2

Star Trek: Kirk in "A private little war" - The vest Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Star Trek: Captain Kirk with torn shirt
Facebook Tumblr Twitter IG1 IG2

Doctor Who: 1:6 Jack Harkness - complete

Doctor Who: 1:6 Jack Harkness part 3 - Jack has a belt and a webley now

Doctor Who: 1:6 Jack Harkness part 2 - Jack is not naked anymore

Doctor Who: 1:6 Jack Harkness part 1 - The Doctor is shocked

Torchwood: Owen Harper" in his medical coat

John Barrowman: Glittery concert suit

Carole and John Barrowman: Book signing

John Barrowman: His dogs

David Tennant: White Navy Uniform from Theatre play "Much Ado about Nothing" Tumblr

David Tennant: Hamlet part 1
Change jacket sleeves into bare arms

David Tennant: Hamlet part 2
Change shoes into naked feet

David Tennant: Hamlet part 3
Shirt and Jeans

David Tennant: Hamlet part 4
both finished

Stargate: Jack O'Neill in blue Air Force dress uniform

Stargate: New desert camo uniforms for SG-1 figures

Props and furniture

A wooden bar Facebook Tumblr Twitter IG1 IG2 IG3

Gotham: Paneled wall Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Hawaiian flower chain Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Gotham: New glasses for Hugo Strange Facebook Tumblr Twitter

A wooden floor for the library Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Dollhouse dresser, fireplace tools Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Gotham: Records to break Facebook Tumblr

Stargate: A stretcher for Jack O'Neill Facebook Tumblr

MacGyvering background hanger Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Star Trek: Biobed for the sickbay Facebook Tumblr Twitter Instagram

Gotham: Railing for the police precinct Facebook Tumblr Twitter IG1 IG2 IG3

Furniture: Refurbished Chaiselongue Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Steampunk: Machinery Facebook Tumblr

Gotham: An apron for Alfred Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Gotham: Lion statue Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Gotham: Steel beams and Police files Facebook1 Facebook2 Facebook3 Facebook4 Facebook5 Tumblr Twitter Instagram Instagram2 Instagram3

Gotham: Gotham novel Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Background: Toffifee backgrounds Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Props: Upgrading Barbie bicycle Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Props: Popcorn Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Furniture: Upgrading Barbie chair, vase, flower pot Facebook1 Facebook2 Tumblr

Furniture: Upgrading Barbie sofa Facebook Tumblr

Furniture: A fireplace out of a picture frame Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Arrow: Lazarus Pit Facebook Tumblr

Props: Miniature Zen Garden Tumblr

Background: Wall panels part 2 Tumblr

Background: Wall panels 1 Tumblr

Star Trek: 3D chess for Kirk and Spock Tumblr Twitter1

Furniture: A couch table made from photoframes Facebook

Arrow: A scimitar for my Dark Archer figure Tumblr

Arrow: A salmon ladder for Oliver Queen Tumblr

Knight Rider: K.I.T.T. model and Michael Knight figure

Wild West: Karl-May-Figures Facebook1 Tumblr Twitter1


Even more crafty stuff from my childhood

Crafty stuff 2

Crafty stuff 1 Tumblr

Accessories by MiWorld and Rement
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