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John Barrowman action figure theatre - masterlist

Fedcon comic complete

Jack is painting himself into a picture
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Happy Birthday John Barrowman / Malcolm Merlyn Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Malcolm Merlyn and the salmon ladder Facebook Tumblr

Action figures at work day 2015 Facebook Tumblr Twitter1 Twitter2 Twitter3 Twitter4 Twitter5 Twitter6

Dogsled Facebook Tumblr

Crocodile Rock at Isle of Cumbrae / Millport / Auchinmurm / Hollow Earth

John's Fedcon comic part 1
"He loves to give parties for his friends, even if he has to renovate his house everytime they leave" And in addition, some close-ups

John's panto calendar

John and Carole sign their book "Exodus Code"
Poor guys almost can't hold the huge pens!

My (way more than) five minutes of fame
Everything you need to know about Carole Barrowman retweeting my action figure stories, her and John talking about me in TV and the action figure I made of/for her

Little John meets ZAZA

John Barrowman and his dogs

"Hollow Earth" gets readers throughout the Universe
Part 2/2: The fame of "Hollow Earth" spreads throughout the Universe, while a book signing is taking place in Cardiff.

Team Torchwood reads "Hollow Earth"
Part 1/2: The Torchwood-Team is enthralled by a mysterious book which was written by John and Carole Barrowman.
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