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Customizing: Carole & John Barrowman actionfigures

This entry explains why Carole wanted me to make a figure and also has a link to the TV show Carole and John talked about me

It all started with the action figures reading the book "Hollow Earth". Unfortunately back then I did not have a Carole Barrowman figure for the Cardiff book signing. Something had to be done about that.

So I had a look around and settled for a Willow figure (from the "Buffy" line) which in my eyes would make a great Carole with a bit of change.


While I was at it, I also made her matching brother:


First I had to cut off a bit of the hair. Thankfully the face underneat was painted, otherwise it would've looked odd:



Then I used Milliput to add her fringe and also reformed the backside of the head:



Forgot to take a picture before painting, but because the original Willow figure had so awful thin arms I also added a bit of meat there with Milliput. Also filled up the waist a bit to make it look more realistic. Sorry Carole! Plus I formed the collar of the pullover:


Painting those thin strains of hair without getting brown paint onto the face wasn't quite easy but I managed. And then I realized something else: Willow has brown eyes while Carole's are blue like her brother's. Luckily I had bought myself the tiniest brush I could find. So I made a tiny blue dot for the eye, an even tinier black dot for the pupil and the tiniest white dot for a bit of reflexion. One eye was perfect on the first try but with the other the white dot wasn't in the right place, so I had to put black over it again to start anew, and then the black became too big, so I had to start with blue again... went through this three times. Here's the result:


Finally the last step, which let me wonder why I didn't go for the simple green shirt instead from that other funny photoshoot (Carole upside down). Wonder if my figures are that flexible? Might try it out one day!

Anyway, too late now, so here I was painting a lot of thin red stripes for the pullover:


For John, first I had to remove Captain Jack's coat:


Then I rounded off the shoulders and cut off the holster and the braces/suspenders.


I also did cut off the shirt collar. This is so hard it cannot be done with a knife, I use a mini saw for it. So I was sawing close to his neck. Sorry Jack ;) Here is a picture of my workplace:


I filled him up with Milliput to form the pullover:


Then it was a simple painting job, with a bit of white underneat for the t-shirt.


If you like to compare, here is the link to the original pictures at from a book signing which inspired me because the colors matched so nicely:

pictures of Carole and John

And here is my version again:


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