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Picture 2 from "Greatest Show in the Galaxy" in Peterborough 12./13. May 2012

My second picture with John on Sunday morning.

He recently sold some of his old clothes for his charity "Dog's Trust" which helps abandoned dogs to find a new home. Because I really do love the color red and have lots of clothes in it, somehow this hat jumped out to me and called: Buy me! And so I did.

So, on Saturday I was happy that I wore blue like John, but on Sunday I needed to wear red to go with the hat. We were sitting outside waiting for the photosession to begin when John walked past. I saw that he wore red too and squeed loudly ;) Wonder what he must have thought about that. But this was really what I had hoped for, a perfect match.

So I walked inside and asked if he recognises the hat. And he said: "That's my hat!" and then asked me whether I had bought it from Dog's Trust. Then I said that I had the hug yesterday already and wanted a different pose this time. He said: "You need to help me, I have done so many different ones - did you have the butt yet?" to which I said no. So, I got the butt grab picture like I had seen from some other people already ;) And I can absolutely confirm that it is very firm, I squeezed quite hard but nothing gave! He's right to be proud of it ;)

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