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Detailed Report / picspam from "Greatest Show in the Galaxy" in Peterborough 12./13. May 2012

Okay, I won't write much about the Q&A-sessions with all Torchwood stars on stage, as there are many videos of these on youtube, just check them out. But here come some of my personal impressions, most important of course of the few minutes of me at John Barrowman's autograph table where I managed to show him my customized actionfigures, plus some pictures I took.

I went up to him and firstly showed him the customized Carole & John figures. After I had posted the two action figure stories about action figures reading the book "Hollow Earth" his sister Carole had said that she needs an action figure so I made one of her. John was impressed and called them "Amazing".

Then I also had made a small picture album with the two "Hollow Earth" stories, so I
showed him a bit of that. In the middle of explaining he asked me if I could give him a copy. Of course I had something prepared ;) So I gave him his album which I had signed beforehand because last time nothing came to mind when he asked me to sign the vacation album so this time I wanted to think about something before. I then let him sign my photoalbum and he wrote "This is amazing! Love your work" and he also asked if Carole knew about it. And he said I should sell them online and make a fortune ;) I answered that I am not sure I would be allowed to (copyrights etc.) and he said: "Do it in secret on Twitter" LOL

Finally I asked about the vacation album which I had given to him at the Hub7 convention - I had loved his pictures from Spain and France so much that I just HAD to do this album. You can see it here:

But at the time he did not have time to look through it properly. So now I asked if he liked it, and he replied that it is now at the coffee table in his house in Palm Springs. I was a very happy Camper then! Then I left as I did not want to hold up the autograph line any longer.

This is what he wrote on my photoalbum:

He had always the longest autograph lines even though there were bigger stars than him. On Sunday he even signed on during his lunch break so really everyone got what he wanted.

I've already posted all my pictures with John and the whole Torchwood group, klick the links to the entry to read all the stories that go with them and what the hat is all about:

 photo NaokoAuto600x403.jpg

 photo EveAuto600x400.jpg

 photo BurnAuto600x398.jpg

Late on Sunday evening, when everyone already had been gone, John got a bit of fun himself as well - sitting in the "Back to the future" car (which I did as well), having his picture taken with the Weeping Angel and in a Captain's chair of one of the Star Trek ships (forgive me for not knowing which one). He also took a bit of time and chatted with the lovely Air Cadets who had worked hard during the weekend at the photosessions.

 photo John 600 x 530.jpg

And this is me sitting in the Back-to-the-Future-car:

I literally only left the building after he had gone. Seems a bit stalkerish but I really can't get enough of just looking at him. I also stood a while near the autograph table and just watched him interact with fans, always having a smile and a nice word for them.

The Showground was huge! It would have taken half an hour walking from our hotel to the entry which was on the opposite side. So we ordered taxis. We got up at 6 AM, breakfast at 7 AM, Taxi at 7.30 and five minutes later we were some of the first in queue. Doors opened at 9.00 but we wanted to make sure to get the tickets for the Torchwood talks with all actors on stage as they were limited.

The weather was very nice, we could sit outside in the sun, there were several food stands. It really all was organized very well. There were also
people in costume walking around, a Spiderman for example and others, also Daleks and R2D2 and Storm Troopers in uniform.

The Torchwood actors enjoyed it as well, btw. They hadn't seen each other in a while so it was like a family reunion. John has posted funny videos on Twitter of them having a good time in the evening. And someone also posted this which I really love, must also be in the hotel. I have no idea who the guy doing the jump is though, nobody we know. But it shows John is really up for everything.

Oh, at the TW panel on Saturday John was not satisfied with the girls who give the microphones around in the audience when they want to ask questions - so he jumped off stage and went around with the microphone himself! This was quite cute.

If you want to, you can also read about all my travel mishappenings here:

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