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John Barrowman at the Queen jubilee - and in the bathtube!

OMG every JB fan HAS to watch these videos. Today John was on the boat that was the first in the pageant on River Thames, and he was ringing the bells. Here is the official BBC coverage of this, with short interview:

And here is his interview of 5th of June:

But what you really need to watch are his Twitter videos. He's done several during the day, right with leaving his home, arriving at the dock, getting the safety vest on, getting teary eyed during the whole thing, and afterwards being soaked wet and tired in the car stuck in traffic on his way home. But it does not stop there, then we also got three videos of him at home with Scott and the dogs and the bathtube. Most hilarious stuff ever.

Leaving the house:

Arriving at the dock:

His access bracelet - inventing a new song again:

Putting on the life vest - with a very interesting camera angle of where the strap goes:

Something about gloves and lube:

John getting emotional and teary-eyed:

Those bells are loud!

Really loud:

Another one from the boat:

He also has a picture of himself ringing (with belly sighting):

The end, on a boat back to the shore, completely drenched:

He also talked with his parents, who were very proud of him:

I love this the best, he is totally exhausted, tired and also cute, being stucked in traffic, just wanting to go home:

Then he arrived home and was greeted by his partner Scott and the three dogs:

The first video from the bathtube - his legs look totally frozen:

Another video with Scott and dogs:

And finally the one that let the internet explode - naked John in the bathtube, and then the dog jumps in as well (still he managed to keep it all family friendly, which is quite impressive) And the picture of John and Jack at the end? Totally adorable:

That was quite a special day and evening. All of his Twitter videos can be watched here - some are hilarious:

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