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My customized actionfigures were shown on the US-TV show "The Morning Blend" on 12th of June 2012

On Tuesday my customized action figures that I had made of John Barrowman and his sister Carole where shown in the TV show "The Morning Blend". Carole is a regular guest there and she always reviews the latest books and novels. If you have a bit of time I recommend watching the whole show, as they all had much fun together and were laughing a lot. At the beginning of the second part John is also singing and the three girls dancing, and at the end he is snogging everyone ;)

If you just want to see my figures, they are in the second part starting at minute 06:55 and John also briefly talks about the photoalbum with the "Hollow Earth" actionfigure story I gave him. I was totally flashed as I never ever would have expected something like this. I also got lots of mails from all my friends who saw it and were happy for me.

Here are the links:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Here is some backstory for those who don't know about it - I made customized action figures of Carole & John Barrowman, you can see some pictures here

When I was in Peterborough, I showed them to John Barrowman and he was amazed. You can read about it all in detail here

And this is the "Hollow Earth" actionfigure story I made about the book he and his sister have written together "Hollow Earth" action figure story

And this is a screenshot from the TV show:

The Morning Blend
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