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Part 2/2 of Detailed Report of John Barrowman in concert, Cardiff Motorpoint Arena, November 13th

If you missed the first part of this report, you can find it here:

Everything that is blue is a link to a video, so to have the full experience, you need to click and watch them all.

2nd Half

The second half started with

13 “Tonight’s the Night” (Rod Stewart)

After singing this song which is the version by Rod Stewart and NOT the one John sang as intro to his own show with the same name, John chatted a bit about his TV show which he co-produces with his manager and friend Gavin Barker and Barrowman-Barker-Productions.

They also have sold the show to several countries already, just recently they sold it to Canada, he also has flown to the USA to sell it there – and they sold it to Germany! When our country was mentioned, there was a huge Squee from all my German friends who sat together in one corner – I joined in as well of course. John looked a bit surprised about this reaction. We all are very curious who will be the presenter, as we at the moment have no such versatile TV entertainer like John. Hopefully a young talent will get a chance. It will be hard to step into his shoes though, as you need someone who can sing, dance, present and also be able to dress up in disguise and act different personalities when surprising the people, so they won’t recognize him (or her?) right away. I am really looking forward to whenever this will air.

Anyway, there are other countries where the show already is on Air, and in some in its third season even! “Would you like to see what I look like in some foreign countries?” Here I am in the Ukraine” (it was a nice young lady and I was surprised to see the intro being exactly the same as I know it, hadn’t expected that), “I am a hot young 28 year old in Sweden – and here I am in China, the country is so big, there’s two of me!” (a man and a woman) – “yeah, let’s finish with the hot 28 old from Sweden!”

John is very proud that his little show is now all over the world, and I think he can be! And I am glad that 321Madcow managed to capture the whole thing in her video above, if you haven’t watched it already, I give you time for it now.

Jenny and Kate, the two female dancers, joined John in a very orange outfit, and John continued to chat on about filming “Torchwood” in Los Angeles and spending much time with his parents in Palm Springs and he found some old photographs of himself which show him together with some famous people from there. He asked whether we recognize them. First was Bob Hope, that was easy. Then followed June Allyson, her most famous movie is “The Glen Miller Story”. John used to watch the old movies with his gran and when John met June years later she called him her Honey. John wears a very yellow jacket in this picture, maybe that’s why ;)

The next lady was Petula Clark, and of course only one song could now follow.

14 “Downtown” (Petula Clark)

We were encouraged to sing along and happily did so. At one point John wanted only the girls sing the “Downtown”, then all the men which sounded funny with their deep voices ;)

After this the funniest thing of the whole concert happened, and I won’t even try to describe the way John told the story. Just watch the video. Let’s just say it’s about him coming home unexpectedly when he was actually supposed to be away at university, and therefore accidentally interrupted the plans his parents had made for the evening.

John: “Why are you dressed like that?!?” – His mother: “You’re here because I dressed like that!!!”


Picture by hope2259 - used with permission

I love especially the way he makes all those noises for opening and closing the car doors etc. So here is, without further ado, the story about Ma & Pa Barrowman, their “date night” and how to keep it fresh , even if you are in your Fifthies already.

So, after this story set our minds to the right mood, John Barrowman senior appeared on stage, dressed as a builder

Picture by hope2259 - used with permission

And he had way too much fun with the chain hanging down his groin. John jr: "Don't keep swinging it around, you'll break it off!" – John sr: "That's what your mother said...”
I have a hard time understanding his Scottish though, so why don’t you just click the link and save me the embarrassment of trying. If you thought this couldn’t be topped, then Marion Barrowman appeared on stage, dressed as a Police woman. A very sexy Police woman. In suspenders. The British version of suspenders. Which would be garters in America. And she knew how to use her baton.

Picture by hope2259 - used with permission

And if you had not guessed which song would follow now, I am telling you. It was of course

15 “YMCA” (Village People)

After that we all needed a break, so the Barrowman family left the stage and Jodie Prenger came back on, singing

16 "Shake Your Tail Feather” (Ray Charles)


17 “Fields of Gold” (Sting)

Picture by hope2259 - used with permission

Then John came back. and told us about his niece Clare She was the first baby in the family and he has a very close bond to her. Some pictures were shown at the screen, of “Uncle John” with the kid, and he also told us about vacations he and Scott and Clare have done together.

Picture by Mac - used with permission

Picture by Mac - used with permission

Last year she also had made the cook book with the Barrowman recipes, that she gave them for Christmas present and John later let some print for the fans.

But he always said, one day she won’t need them anymore. But Clare said: “Everyone needs an uncle John and uncle Scott”. The audience awed on that.

But still, the day has come, she will get married in June 2012, and the young man who will become her husband – his name is, by all means, Casey, so if he chooses to take her name, which is Barrowman-Casey, he could name himself Casey Casey ;) Yes, John is easily amused LOL

Picture by hope2259 - used with permission

John called back Jodie, because the next song is a favourite song of Clare, from the Disney movie “Enchanted”. It’s called

18 “So Close” (Duet with Jodie Prenger)

Then John told about the three weeks he spent on the road at his vacation in France and Spain, together with his partner Scott and his sister Carole and her husband Kevin, and showed some pictures.

Picture by Mac - used with permission

One was all four of them laying in one bed, because somehow the hotel owner had assumed that it was a family with two children.

Picture by Mac - used with permission

This led to a medley of songs:

19 “September” (Earth Wind & Fire) / ”Holiday” (Madonna)

First all four dancers were with him on stage, but then suddenly the boys vanished. When they returned, they only wore speedos, snorkels, swimming aids and swimfins. You wouldn’t believe it, but they were able to dance with this, and not even bad. It looked rather funny, of course. Then the girls joined them, wearing red Baywatch suits and even having the buoy with them. But Kate had cheated and put some balloons under her suit, which inflated more and more, so she got some impressive boobs ;) Jenny wanted to do the same, but it didn’t work – John even tried to blow her up by putting her finger into his mouth but nothing worked ;)

Picture by Mac - used with permission

Later the boys took off the fins and aids, but still wore the white socks, which was a very unique look LOL

In the end somehow John got stuck with his nose between Kate’s balloon boobs and when they yanked him off he gave a funny squelching noise ;) Finally he somehow managed to burst the balloons – had gotten a needle from somewhere, and we were in stitches again. Yes, I am easily amused as well.

After the song had ended the girls left the stage but the boys had to collect their stuff yet which lay in the back. So they synchronous bent down, showing their backsides to the audience, which of course did not mind, not mind at all ;)

Then they collected their stuff and walked off stage, first holding hands, then even linking their arms. John commented: “If only their wives/girlfriends could see this!” I guess since he let them dance in drag last year they have lost all reservation ;) Wonder how he will be able to top that next time.

I’m not sure at which point in the programme it was, but John also threw the big white towel which he had used for wiping the sweat of his face the whole evening into the audience. It went flying directly into my direction. But my reaction time never was good and so I just fascinatedly watched how it sailed through the air, like in slow motion. If I really had wanted to, I could have jumped up, and snatch it right out of the air above the people in front of me.

But I don’t think I would have had any luck anyway, as they grabbed it really tight, there was even a little fight going on with the person sitting next to them (told you it was a big towel). Plus, what are you gonna do with such a towel full of sweat anyway? Clone your own little John? Hey, there’s an idea… be right back. ;)

It might have been here, it also can have been at another time, but when there was a slight pause someone from the audience yelled loud and clearly: “Love you John!” He laughed and said: “Okay, everyone get it out of your system at three-two-one-go:” and so the whole room yelled at once. My ears are still ringing ;)

It probably was good though that we had gotten it out of our system now, as the next song that followed was a rather serious one. John said that his mom called these songs greeting songs. He asked whether we knew what “greet” is – yes, we read the biography (both of them), it is Scottish for “crying”. The song that had gotten this label was

20 “You Raise Me Up” (Westlife)

I must admit the transition from laughter to emotional was a bit too quick for me. So it took me a while to get into the right mood. Funny which little things you notice – while the intro played John stood just there at the microphone stand, calm but for the fingers on his left hand which were twitching. But then he started to sing and his voice filled the room and after the first verse they started to show family pictures on the screen and they had me big time. I searched the internet high and low to find a video for you of this song which includes all pictures. It was not as easy as you think, as most fans who recorded it zoomed in to have a close up of John and only show one or two pictures. But in this case I think the pictures are important. So when you click the link with the song title above, you should get the full experience. When John was not singing, he also turned to the screen and just watched what was shown. Or maybe he just wanted surreptitiously wipe his eyes. Who knows.

I’m glad that in this video the screen hangs really high so you can see the pictures in full – in Cardiff it stood at the ground, so the bottom side often was hidden by the percussions, which was a bit distracting and you couldn’t see everything properly.

The pictures shown had John’s partner Scott of course, both parents, brothers and sisters, countless nieces and nephews (loved the one with the little boy and his smeared mouth full of some cream), wee John and his grandmother and more extended family, I did not recognize them all, business partners, friends and co-workers from “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood” and last but not least all the dogs, which made for some very cute and funny pictures with their big noses on screen. With the last line, when the “You raise me up to more than I can be” goes back from strong to soft he even included us, the audience into the list. That was nice.

I knew before of course that John likes to have a good relationship and also likes to work again with people he already knows and trusts, and by this extends the “family” more and more. But to see them all together in one place was really nice. I also loved the Celtic element in the song with the pipes and the flute.

Picture by hope2259 - used with permission

If you rather had the close-up of John, to see all emotions play out on his face and taking a deep breath in between verses to be able to sing on - well I can deliver that as well. Never say I wouldn’t do everything for my customers. This is “You raise me up” in Swindon, filmed by kingbantam:

Close-up You raise me up in Swindon by kingbantam

We were almost at the end of the official part, and it was time to introduce the band

The last song followed suit – it was

21 Hollywood (Michael Bublé)

Picture by hope2259 - used with permission

At the end the band played on and John and the J4 did their bows and then left the stage. Of course we didn’t want the evening to be finished yet, so we screamed and applauded till we got our wish.


I’m adding something here which only the audience in Edinburg and Glasgow got to see – but it is so special and emotional that I really want to share. It’s a medley of some Scottish traditional songs, and John even said in the beginning that he is not sure if he can make it through without bursting into tears

I love especially how the audience joins in at “Amazing Grace”. You can see Scott and John’s parents among them. Grab a tissue and watch

22 “Scottish Trilogy”

In Cardiff John talked about the first song of the encore and said that he hadn’t known it was his father’s favourite , he only found out after he had recorded it for his last album.

23 “The Winner Takes It All” (ABBA)

In Glasgow something awful happened. Someone’s mobile phone went off during this song – at the most quiet time. You can see how upset John is in this video. Right at the end when he sings “I don’t wanna talk…” and there is a pause. And worse, people start to laugh, ruining the emotional moment. He just waited a bit and then carried on, but I’m sure it wasn’t easy. After the song ended he asked if they wanted one more and after the audience agreed, he let his anger free: “Well turn off your bloody phone. It’s a theatre, you shouldn't need a phone in a theatre, right? Sorry. Almost ruined the moment.”

You can see all that in this video from Glasgow
The Winner takes it all in Glasgow by CodenameSherry

John then said something to which I have to agree, also from own experience: “I learned a long time ago that not everybody’s gonna liking you. As soon as you realize that and deal with it the easier life gets. Because there’s a lot out there who love me. I’m not gonna change. Because…

24 “I Am What I Am”

During the first notes of the song someone in Birmingham shouted “Love you John!” in a pause and while he sang on, a laughter rippled through the audience, so he finally had to stop and the band stopped as well and he smiled and responded: “Love you too – trying to sing a song here!”. Then he sang the next line and was very proud of himself: “Wow, still in tune!” You can see this in the beginning of this video:

I am what I am in Birmingham by Aimeejb1D

In Cardiff we had no such interruptions, except of course the big applause when he reaches the line “Give me the hook or the ovation…” As always, the song was the highlight of the concert, but rather than upbeat as usual (whenever I feel down I sing this song and immediately feel better) – this time it made me sad because I knew it was the last one – it is always the last one, and therefore the concert already was over.

Too short, way too short! Wanna more!

John reached the last notes, the band played the chorus again and again, therefore making sure we got it stuck in our ears for the next week, and John ran from one side of the stage to the other, waving to the audience, jumping up and down, dancing to the music. Really wonder where he takes his energy from.

That’s it, that’s my report, just finished in time for the next one. Next Sunday I will be at the London Hampton Court concert, cross your fingers that it won’t rain! Otherwise I threaten to tweet bathtub videos as well. Just like John did after he got soaked to the skin at the Queen jubilee pageant. But that’s another story.

Picture by hope2259 - used with permission
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