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Archeologic finds at the River Thames banks

While I was in London, we went to the Thames banks to have a look for old stuff that happens to wash up with every tide. Here are some pictures of my findings. Please click the link under the picture to see many more:

Porcelain and ceramic fragments
I always took my findings to my friend who knows her stuff, and she said some of those must be quite old, as the kind of glaze does not exist nowadays anymore. What I love about them, that most of them also have an interesting backside. Some of the porcelain must be from tea cups, having pictures on the inside and outside.

Front side


Back side

Clay pipes
I didn't even take all the clay pipes I saw, wanted to leave some for the others. But apparently clay pipe heads are more difficult to find, especially complete ones. At the left side is a shell of an oyster, there also were tons of it. I also didn't take any of the bones or teeth of animals.

Some old bottle fragments, with inscriptions.

Shells and snail shells
My favourite to collect on beaches. There were some unusual ones.

Stones and slate
Some interesting stones, also with holes.

And that's what my friends saw of me while I was searching:

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