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Songs from the Eastern German kult musical "Heißer Sommer" (Hot Summer)

I want to introduce you to THE kult musical of the GDR. It's called "Heißer Sommer" (Hot Summer). It's about a group of 10 boys and 10 girls who travel to the Baltic Sea and fall in love with each other while having fun at the beach etc. Only, there is one girl who cannot decide between two boys, and one boy who cannot decide between two girls. The two main actors, Chris Doerk and Frank Schöbel, were also a pair in real life, and can be considered the celibrity pair of the GDR of this time. Frank has had a huge career during the past years, he is just a nice wonderful and considered "one of us" guy like John Barrowman, had also his own TV shows etc.

Yes, the hair and the clothes might look a bit dated, the musical is from 1968, but I really do like the music. I think it was very modern for its time and whenever I hear it I can't get the songs out of my head for days. They are in German of course but I will give an introduction to each one so that you know what is going on. I hope you'll like it and I can introduce a bit of Eastern German culture to you - it was a big hit back then, my parents also were in the cinema. It came in a time when they tried to be a bit more open and international, and great things for the young people happened. There were some more musical movies with Chris & Frank after this one, but none became as successful as "Heißer Sommer". And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, sit back and enjoy the music! And if you like to watch the whole movie, you can do so even with English subtitles here:

1. "Heißer Sommer" (Hot Summer)
They sing of blue sky, hot temperatures, sun burning, jumping into the water while dancing in Leipzig.

2. "Das darf nicht wahr sein" (That can't be true)
They are standing at the Autobahn to hitch a ride and the boys are angry that the girls get all the cars. Each group tries to make the other one leave. One of the boys says: "I wanted to travel in peace but it's not possible because of those cackling geese" Then they accuse the girls to win the cars with their bits and bobs. Then the last girl says "I am all for adventures - but not with little boys"

3. "Alles was wir tun das tun wir nur für euch" (All that we do we do only for you)
This is one of my favourite songs. I think it has a great modern melody. Frank sings about the guys doing everything for the girls. If they want to be kissed, they get kissed. They open the door, they sing them a good night song, they love them, they play piano when they want to sing, they help them to learn to drive the bycicle, but the girls do as if they don't care about all that.

4. "Männer die noch keine sind" (Men who aren't men quite yet)
The girls and boys have arrived in their camp and Chris Doerk sings about boys that want to be men but still act like kids and she finds that laughable. But real men don't need such games.

5. "Woher willst du wissen wer ich bin?" (How can you know who I am?)
Another wonderful catchy song, a love song (duet) with Chris and Frank. She says they only know each other for a few hours. He says he just looked into her eyes. She says there are many girls with grey eyes. So could this be the day when love starts?

6. "Was erleben" (To experience something)
Chris sings about what she wants to do this summer. She does not want to be well-behaved. She wants to experience something that she can't at other days.

7. "Ein Sommerlied" (Summer Song)
A quiet ballad, Frank and his guitar, with very nice lyrics. "Love makes quiet words loud, it's a nice song, the summer will be gone but our song remains"

8. "Komm fang den Sonnenstrahl" (Try to catch the sun ray)
Frank with the other girl which also fascinates him but she eludes him all the time and sings, try to catch the sun ray, try to catch the wind. She just plays with him.

9. "Ich fand die eine" (I found the one)
Frank is happy that he found the right girl. He has to shout out his joy and wants the others be happy with him. He says good-bye to all the other girls, these days are over as he has found the right one now. He thinks he dreams and life is just wonderful.

10. "Es war mal ein Mädchen von kaum 17 Jahren" (There was a girl aged 17)
The other guy, the competitor of Frank for the girl, sings a dark ballad about a girl of 17 who played with the men and their hearts. She has a book with all their names in it. Very powerful.

11. "Einmal muss ein Ende sein" (There has to be an end of that)
Frank is angry at the girl that only plays with him. He wants to end this despite him loving her. It's a shame the way she acts.

12. "Heißer Sommer (Reprise)"
Reprise of the song of the beginning and the end of the movie.

The End

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