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AFT: Stargate action figures in Vancouver

I already posted the beginning of the "SG-1 figures in Vancouver" story a while ago, but now Paya has added many more parts to it and there are so wonderful pictures to look at. So please follow all the links to see the pictures and the stories, as it is awesome! Together with SG-1 we visited many original shooting locations which you'll surely recognize. Vancouver is an awesome and beautiful city.

If you leave feedback here I'll forward it to Paya by e-mail but if you are a member of the RDA-forum where she posted them, surely she'll also be happy about feedback there!

Part 1a At the Airport

Since the team starring in the Special belongs to Astra, we were flying from her lovely home town.

Everybody was fascinated how busy place Dresden International Airport is.

Teal'c: Is this our plane perhaps?
Daniel: I don't think so, Teal'C.
Sam: Its engines are covered.
Jack: Why don't we just have them uncovered?
Daniel: Don't be an ass, Jack.

Sam: I can't believe it is the only plane around here.
Jack: Is the flight really scheduled for today?

Teal'c: This means of transportation seems to be highly ineffective.

Daniel: Hey guys, a plane on the 12 o'clock!

Jack: Cool. Wake me in an hour again, Daniel.

Part 1b At the Airport

After some time, SG-1 got enough of boredome and went explore the i-point nearby:

Teal'c: Have you found anything, Major Carter?

Sam: Umm, not yet.

Jack: Can you have it done, Carter? I'm beginning to sink into the console. When did you gain so much weight?
Daniel: Ever so gentle.
Jack: It's my shoulders that are being damaged here, Daniel, so why don't you keep your noble mouth shut?

An hour and several banters later, we moved to the gates.
The main hall reminded us of a certain episode significantly and we couldn't help it and just had to install our little Stargate there...
(Much to the consternation of the security personnel.)

Part 1c During the Flight

Even the air shafts had a clear resemblance of the defence system in "2010".

In the waiting room at our gate:

Are we there yet?

Daniel: They could have bought us the business class at least.
Jack: Stop whining Daniel. We may as well have ended up in cargo. So enjoy the view.

Our Heroes landed safely after many hours and here we managed to get a glimpse of Daniel's journal by the end of the day:

Part 2 Expo Center "Bane" & "2010"

We did as Daniel suggested and after a bit of refreshment we were eager to check a filming location near our hotel. To our delight, SG-1 were more than willing to re-create some scenes for us. Do you recognize the episode? ;)

Daniel mumbling behind my back: It is too easy to guess.
Jack: For you maybe. I don't remember a thing.

And right next to it, another well known place. We only took it from a different angle.

Sam: Do you remember it?
Daniel: Yes. It was such a nice location.
Teal'c: It is a shame we cannot visit the building anymore. Especially this year.
Jack: Why not? Don't you like casinos?

Jack: Ya know, I once met a guy, MacGyver was his name, and he shot an episode here, too. But the place has changed over the years. There used to be a roof above it.

Part 3 Fishing in the Pub

During the next three days, we were focused on another activity. We do not know much about SG-1’s program during the MTM event, since we were busy documenting the other guy and didn’t have anybody of our crew with the team. However, it is our qualified guess that they were just relaxing at the hotel, so we didn’t miss anything important.

Of course, we cannot be certain about this, because we came across them in a pub one evening...

Jack: I’m tellin’ ya, Daniel, you have to be patient. It doesn’t matter there’s no fish in there. It’s about the act of fish-ing.

Part 4 various Vancouver shots

Hard to believe it's been two years since Jack visited... Stonehenge?

No, Vancouver!

He started with a little motorbike tour through Downtown...

Then he stopped by in Gastown. Experts will sure recognize this shot ;)

Jack was staying in a cheap hotel where coincidentally some strange event with that guy Whatshisname took place at the same time.

Jack posing outside the hotel. You may recognize another special location behind him.

Part 5a Blueberries and Beach

When the MTM event was over, all of us were eager to stretch our stiff muscles, so we went for a walk along the shore to get some fresh ocean breeze.

We hadn’t even reached the water, when Jack disappeared all of a sudden. After some time and a lot of effort, we found him several blocks away, in a sort of dreamy state.

Everybody gently: Come on, Jack, let’s go.
Jack: No, leave me alone. I’m in heaven.

Though it was very hard, we finally managed to drag Jack away from blueberries and moved over to our intended destination, where our team found a new toy.

Teal'c: I do not believe we will be able to extract the ship this way. It appears to be in a considerable distance.
Sam: Umphpffff.
Jack: Way hay and up she rises, way hay and up she rises...
Daniel: Jack, for Christ's sake, stop singing!

Jack: I'll be damned if we don't get our ship back!

Sam: I don’t think the chain is connected to that ship, anyway.
Teal’c: If we are not hauling the ship, I do not understand the purpose of this activity.
Daniel: What if we’re pulling a net?
Teal’c: Are you implying that we are fishing, Daniel Jackson?

Part 5b At the Beach

Sam: Whose idea was this actually?
Daniel: I don’t know. Jack? ... Jack!

Jack: *cough* What?

Daniel: I don’t know why we always swallow his crazy baits. Wait! Weren’t we supposed to go to Jericho Beach instead of English Bay? This is not Nem’s realm.
Jack: Details.
Daniel: But I wanted to visit the place.
Sam: Next time, Daniel. Besides, Teal’c was going to show us something around here, remember?
Teal’c: Indeed.

We left the chain and walked on along the beach when Teal’c stopped suddenly and announced proudly:

Welcome to my apartment.

Jack: Uh, Teal’c, no offence, but this looks suspiciously like Maybourne’s place. Trust me. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. ... What? Why are you all gazing at me? He kept it quite clean actually. No furniture...
Daniel to Sam quietly: What was in the blueberries?
Teal’c: It is *my* apartment. I must insist, O’Neill.
Daniel (excitedly): Oh, maybe you two were neighbors?
Jack: Easy, big fella.
Sam: It’s possible. The filmmakers were just saving money, so they used one place for more scenes.

After this, Teal’c was scarily quiet for two hours.

Part 5c Jack in the Fountain

We decided to go to the center for the rest of the day, and on our way there, we witnessed another memorable stunt. When we were passing by a small fountain, Jack spotted an opportunity for refreshing, and without warning, jumped into the water.


Daniel: What the hell you think you’re doing?
Jack: I’m so hot. Come on in, guys! It’s cool.

With all due respect, we didn’t follow.
(Though there could be heard some incoherent mumbling from a general direction of Sam Cater...)

Before we reached another interesting location, it was getting dark and we were too tired (or lazy) to put up a proper scene. But the team was with us, resting comfortably in our backpacks. ;)
Do you recognize the building? ;)

What a surprise - this place looked exactly the same two years ago! Even the excavator is still parked on the stairs. Maybe they decided to keep this new arrangement? ;)

Anyway, it meant no “Secrets” scene with the bird statue on the stairs, nor any “Foothold” scene we had planned. :(

But don’t worry. The next day brought some very special moments!

Part 6a SG-1 at Tollana

Our favourite four continued touring familiar places. After 'Bane' and '2010' locations (for those of you who haven't seen it, the photo story starts here), they stopped - guess where?

Yes, Tollana. With its typical architecture, beautiful clean geometric lines, providing many interesting views and angles for a photographer. In between taking pictures of almost every corner and concrete wall, I followed our heroes to the most known spots.

Daniel: Sam? Are you okay?
Sam: Um, yes. Just recalled a sad moment.

Jack: All right, I was standing right here. Do you remember the pedestal? With the flame? I remember it clearly. Now it's gone.
Daniel: It was a prop, Jack.
Jack: And the other piece of rock? We were sitting at it. Over there.
Daniel: Yeah, that one too. I guess.
Jack: Bummer.

Part 6b SG-1 at Tollana

Sam: This is a lovely place. I've never noticed it before.
Teal'c: We were fully occupied in uncovering the conspiracy, Major Carter. There was not considerable amount of time to marvel at the local monuments.

Jack: Any idea what the hole is?
Daniel: Not really.

Jack: Public conviniences?
Daniel: Don't be silly.

Jack: They have some pretty backyard here.

Daniel: So, what's the plan now?

Jack: Find the Stargate.
Daniel: Find the Stargate? That's the plan?

Jack: Yep, that's the plan exactly.

Part 7a At the Bridge Studios

Now let’s see, how Jack’s plan worked:

Jack: Elegant in its simplicity, don't you think?

Daniel: What are you waiting for?
Jack: Nothing. Just savoring the moment. A small step for man, a giant leap for us.

Jack: See? Piece o'cake. I told you it was being stored here.

Sam: I feel like a burglar.
Jack: Why? They don't have any use for it. They don't want us here anymore. Get that through your head. We need to grab that thing if we ever want to go on our own missions.
Teal'c: I believe O'Neill is correct.
Daniel: Yeah. Me too.
Sam: [after a moment of hesitation] Me three.

Jack: Okay, kids. Let's move on.

Part 7b At the Bridge Studios

Teal'c: What direction shall we proceed, O'Neill?

Jack: Wherever you like. Just not to the hotel across the street. Ya know, I don't have particularly fond memories of that place. Just a mere thought of the rat Kinsey makes me want to throw up.

Sam: Well, no one can really blame you for that, Sir.

Daniel: [thinking for himself with empathy] Poor Jack. It must have been hard for him when he was so unjustly accused.
Jack: Daniel, focus and hold the thing, dammit! It’s crushing me. I cannot support it all myself here!

Daniel: Sorry.
Jack: Fine, let’s get out of here.

Part 7c At the Bridge Studios

art 8a At the Vancouver Aquarium

Part 8b Burnaby Mountain - "Upgrades"

Part 8c Sunset at the Beach


Masterlist for all my other Stargate action figure stories:

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