Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Picture 6 from "Greatest Show in the Galaxy" in Peterborough 12./13. May 2012

Oops, there are still pictures left of the Torchwood stars I met in Peterborough, so I just post another one. Today we have Kai Owen. I've already met him at a very small German convention - we were only 50 people there! And he is such a lovely guy. Very nice evening.

And then we met again at Hub 7 . There, when I went to his signing table, I still was putting away the picture with "Just to get my name in lights" . I didn't mean to show it to him, but he was very impressed and wanted a closer look.

The week after Peterborough he would come to a huge German convention (which I didn't plan to go to), so when I left the photostudio I told him my friends wished he would pack John Barrowman into his bag and bring him with him to Dusseldorf *g*

Tags: con 2012: great. show galaxy peterboroug, kai owen, torchwood

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