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AFT: SG-1 on vacation part 1/2

Those pictures were taken in June, when I visited my friend Nike. The whole idea and most of the figures/utensils used belong to her, but I added a bit here and there as well and acted as the token photographer.

This is part 1/2 - tune in next week to see the second part!

So, SG-1 went on vacation with a Mini. And in the middle of nowhere they had a flat tire.

So they had to change it in the dark. As a team, they worked together very well. Teal'c lifted the car.

Daniel held the new tire ready.

Sam repaired it, and Jack gave her the tools she requested.

 photo 06.jpg

When they were finished, Teal'c put the baggage back into the car, and Sam got into the driver's seat.

But Daniel and the Colonel are missing. What is holding them up?

And just a few behind-the-scenes shots as well - the background is actually for a terrarium. I think it worked very well and would buy myself something similar, but then it's huge and I wonder where I shall store it.

This was our solution so that nobody had to held it up all the time:

And that's me:

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