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My collection of cows - picspam

This entry is specifically for cowgrrl as I know we both share the love for cows. So here comes my collection in a picspam of 34 pictures no less. We have everything - cups, glasses, plates, figures, door mats, toilet brushs, sponges, key racks and lots, lots more. Cows in all sizes, shapes and forms. Please klick the link to see all the pictures - and enjoy!

Kitchen shelf:



Cereals cups and plate:


Those next glasses held mustard before - we have lots of them with different designs:

Egg cups:

Left is a butter dish and right is a battery crumb sweeper:

Key rack:

Money bank:

Pot cloths and place mats:

Kitchen apron:

Door mat:



The left one is called "Mad Cow". It has BSE. If you press the button, it laughs crazy like the sound on the right side here at this clip:

Kitchen wall (made with Window Color)

Bathroom - sponge and toilet brush:


Another sponge:

Little ones - see thimble for size reference:

Dust cloth:

You see there is nothing which can't be made in cow design. Now I am very curious to see your collection - please share with us?

Part 2 with many more cows can be found here:

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